Vendakkai Pachadi

Bhindi Pachadi 11

Vendakkai Pachadi or Bhindi Coconut Raita is a traditional dish enjoyed as part of the elaborate Oshort blonde wig Human Hair Wigs jordan 4 red thunder sex toys for sale baseball uniforms cheap wigs for sale new nike air max 2023 braided wigs mens nike air max customized jerseys nike air max 90 black custom jersey best wig outlet realistic ass sex toy adidas shoe on sale nam Sadhya, a delicious and grand vegetarian feast served during the festive season of Onam in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Bhindi Pachadi 11

This dish is a delightful medley of flavors, blending the natural sweetness of okra with the tanginess of yogurt and subtle spices.

Steps to follow for making this Vendakkai Pachadi –

To prepare Bhindi Pachadi, start by washing and drying fresh okra (bhindi) pods. Remove any blemishes and trim the ends before chopping them into small pieces. Heat some oil in a pan and add the okra, allowing it to cook until it turns tender and slightly crispy. Remove the okra from the pan and set it aside.

Make sure to saute bhindi (ladies finger)thoroughly in generous oil for a long time so that its slimy nature is gone. Otherwise, it may make the final dish slimey. 

Next, blend the grated coconut along with green chilies and cumin seeds. Add this to whisked curd (dahi).

After that, heat a teaspoon of oil and temper it with urad dal, mustard seeds and curry leaves and let allow the seeds to crackle and the dal to turn slightly golden brown and crisp. 

Now it’s time to bring the dish together by adding the cooked okra back into the pan. Allow all the flavors to meld together for a few minutes. Once the okra is coated well, turn off the heat and set it aside to cool.

Next, add the cooled okra mixture to the curd and gently mix everything together. Adjust the seasoning if needed.

The Bhindi Pachadi is now ready to be served as part of the Onam Sadhya.

Serving Suggestion –

This wholesome and flavorful dish adds a touch of tanginess and texture to the grand feast like Onam. It pairs beautifully with hot rice and other traditional dishes like avial, sambar, and parippu curry, creating a symphony of flavors on the plate.

With its vibrant colors and unique blend of spices, Bhindi Pachadi is not only a highlight of the Onam Sadhya but also a dish that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Its simplicity combined with the burst of flavors makes it a versatile and crowd-pleasing addition to the menu.

So, be it the joyous occasion of Onam or simply a desire to savor the deliciousness of Kerala cuisine, give Bhindi Pachadi a try and experience the delightful flavors that this traditional dish offers.

Event-related to this post :

The April month challenge in the ‘Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge’ group was ‘Pulao or Biryani’, suggested by Seema. Well, I was partnered with her too for this theme, she gave me 2 secret ingredients Bay leaf and Garam Masala, and I gave her the secret ingredients Tea Patta and Cardamom. And, as usual, using my two ingredients I have come up with this Vegetable Tehri for the theme contribution.


Bhindi Pachadi 11

Vendakkai Pachadi

Vendakkai Pachadi or Bhindi Coconut Raita is a traditional dish enjoyed as part of the elaborate Onam Sadhya, a delicious and grand vegetarian feast served during the festive season of Onam in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Kerala, South Indian
Servings 2


  • 15 no. Bhindi (okra)
  • 1 cup Curd (dahi)
  • ¼ cup Coconut (freshly grated)
  • 2-3 no. Green chili
  • 1 tsp Cumin seed
  • ½ tsp Mustard seed
  • 1 tsp Urad dal
  • 1 sprig Curry leaf
  • 3 tsp Oil
  • Salt as needed


  • Wash and clean all the bhindi. Slice them into 1/2 inch circles.
  • Heat 2 tsp of oil in a pan and saute the sliced bhindi until all the slimes go away. Keep aside.
  • In a grinder jar, take grated coconut, cumin seeds, and green chilies along with little water. Grind to get a smooth paste.
  • In a bowl, take curd, salt, and this paste, whisk well.
  • Now heat oil in a pan and add urad dal followed by mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  • When starts spluttering, add the fried bhindi and gently mix everything.
  • Turn off the heat and allow to cool completely.
  • Add this to the curd mixture and mix everything gently.
  • Vendakkai Pachadi or Bhindi Coconut Raita is ready to serve now !


  • Any oil suits perfectly here.
  • Make sure to fry the okra very well till all the slimes go away.
  • Adjust the spiciness as desired!
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  1. Mayuri Patel

    5 stars
    An easy and different way to enjoy bhindi raita. With coconut and flavour of curry leaves, this vendakkai pachadi makes a perfect side dish not only for Onam Sadhya but to go with any rice dish.

  2. Seema Sriram

    5 stars
    I love how beautiful this simple kichadi looks on your blog. it is perfect for side of any variety rice.

    1. Sasmita

      its a pachadi seema. must be spelling mistake of the word kichadi.

  3. Priya Iyer

    5 stars
    I totally love Vendakkai Pachadi. The crispy bhindi, sourness of curd, and nutty flavour from the coconut blend together so beautifully!

  4. Preethicuisine Preethicuisine

    5 stars
    Vendakka Pachadi is so simple and delicious. Simple treat to all Vendekka lovers like me . Beautifully presented.

  5. Renu

    5 stars
    A good way to enjoy some bhindi. Thank you for the tip to cook bhindi well.

  6. Archana

    5 stars
    Delicious and easy ladyfinger raita. I love the addition of coconut in making this raita. Will pair well with any meal.

  7. Vasusvegkitchen

    5 stars
    Wow what a lovely pic, the way fried vendakkai floating on creamy coconut yogurt garavy looks very inviting.

  8. Radha

    5 stars
    Pachadi looks and sounds delicious! I love bhendi and this pachadi is a great ay to serve it for any meal.

  9. Anu

    5 stars
    I love the way the pachadi has turned out. It looks so delicious with crisp okra.

  10. Sujata Roy

    5 stars
    Bhindi coconut raita sounds so inviting Sasmita. Coconut and yogurt is a great combo. Fried Bhindi with coconut, yogurt and green chilli with tempering wow I can imagine the wonderful taste and flavour.

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