Gulab Jamun Shot

Gulab Jamuns !!!! I know, any sweet person particularly any Indian starts salivating after hearing this dessert name 😉

A well known classic Indian sweet or dessert, gulab jamun is enjoyed in most festival celebrations. Traditionally these sweets are prepared from milk solids (khoya). The word gulab means Rose and jamun means an Indian berry. Since this sweet looks like berry and dunked in rose flavored sugar syrup, so the name of the sweet gets its name like that. 

But here I have come up with a cool beverage using those two ingredients, gulab (rose) and jamun (Black plum / Indian Blackberry) as Gulab Jamun Shot. This is the second recipe using jamun this year except gulping these berries as it is 😋. The first one was Virgin Jamun Margarita 😊 which I have posted some days before. Well the whole procedure of this gulab jamun shot is so simple and easy to prepare. No need of any cooking mode is here. Just blend all the ingredients to a smooth texture and enjoy during these hot summer days. Also these gulab jamun shots are a perfect party beverage and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Since jamuns are in season so do try soon these gulab jamun shots.

Recipe Card for ‘Gulab Jamun Shot :

Beverage, Jamun, Gulab Jamun Shot, Black Plum, Indian Blackberry, Rose, Summer drink

Beverage, Vegan, Gluten free


Gulab Jamun Shot

a cold refreshing drink with the combination of jamun (Black plum / Indian Blackberry) and gulab (Rose)

prep time: 10 Mcook time: total time: 10 M


  • Jamun   1 cup
  • Rose syrup   4 tbsp
  • Lemon juice   1 tsp
  • Black salt   ¼ tsp
  • Water (chilled)   
  • 1 cup


How to cook Gulab Jamun Shot

  1. Wash and clean all the jamuns / black plums / Indian blackberries.
  2. De-seed jamuns and put into a blender jar.
  3. Then add in rose syrup, lemon juice, black salt and chilled water.
  4. Blend everything well so that a smooth consistency will form.
  5. Pour into shot glasses and serve immediately !


Soda water can be used instead of chilled water if some fizziness is needed in shot.

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  1. Priya Suresh

    Super catchy and very pretty looking gulab jamun shot, initially i thought you have prepared a drink with gulab jamuns (the popular sweets). Thats a cute name to the drink yaar.

  2. Shobha

    Nice recipe for parties .. looks attractive with bright red colour

  3. Paarul

    Oh I thought you made it with gulab jamuns 🙂 Loved the idea.. looks great !

  4. Rafeeda AR

    Haha… I thought about it too, how come they are red instead of brown, then realized I had to read it literally 🙂 Lovely color of those shots, must be very refreshing…

  5. Poonam Bachhav

    The gulab jamun shots look so refreshing and flavorful Sasmita ! Perfect Summer drink !

  6. Mayuri Patel

    An interesting drink you've made Sasmita, adding rose syrup to jamun sounds good.

  7. Vanitha Bhat

    What a wonderful drink!! Both refreshing and colorful!

  8. Ritu Tangri

    What an innovation….rose syrup and jamuns. Color of the drink is very inviting as is the name

  9. Freda

    I love the name you gave this drink 😀 looks vibrant and appetizing 🙂

  10. Indfused

    Love the creative name and the combination of flavors, Sasmita!

  11. Meghna.

    Looks amazing, a wonderful party pleaser…thanks for the awesome share, will give them a try soon 🙂

  12. code2cook

    Looking very tempting. First I thought gulabjamun, then I realized it is gulab and jamun :).

  13. Hayley

    Lol, when I saw this pics on FB, I was searching for Gulab Jamun too 😀 This drinks look so refreshing and what a colour!

  14. Seema

    Haha,I really thought you were going in for the decadent jamuns dipped in some kind of new flavor. I love your new take on this.

  15. Ruchi's Veg Kitchen
    Ruchi's Veg Kitchen

    Amazing share. Look at that preety Color . So catchy. So tempting

  16. preethi'scuisine

    Such a refreshing drink and lovely colour too. Name of this drink is very interesting.

  17. Hoo Soo

    Oh yum gulab jamun is my favourite hmm berry powder afterward its double yummm.The photos look so enticing Julie. I tried the egg drop soup from ur blog I have to say I liked it. Will post the pic on my Fb for evidence:-RRB-)

    gulab jamun recipe

  18. ronimark

    Haha… I thought of any of this how come that they truly have been reddish rather than brownish, afterward understood I needed to learn it :-RRB- Lovely coloration of the shots, so should be incredibly refreshing…

  19. Mayuri Patel

    I'm simply amazed at the beautiful deep pink colour of this drink. How did you manage to get it? Jamun when crushed is purple. However, the drink does look very inviting and beautiful click.

    1. Sasmita

      the color is a mixture of rose syrup and jamun here 🙂

  20. jayashree

    Love that deep colur and ideal as a summer drink,. It will be a refreshing one with that rose syrup.

  21. CookwithRenu

    I thought gulab jamun is hidden by reading the name, only after reading the post I got it. That lovely pink colour looks very tempting and looks like a refreshing and delicious drink

  22. mildly indian

    Not only did i love the colour but loved the twist in the name as well. Honestly loved the freshness of the recipe.

  23. Lathiya

    What a gorgeous drink. The goodness of jamun, this is perfect summer drink.

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