Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)

gluten free & egg free chocolate truffles using condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and with a coating of chocolate sprinkles

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Today is Monday and this time the Foodie Monday Blog Hop team has decided the 224th theme as ‘Due South‘ which is suggested by Kalyani. She is a lovely co-blogger of mine, do check her most vegan collections. So as per the theme, Due south here means she suggested to make any dish from the cuisine those are related to Southern Hemisphere. Well Southern Hemisphere includes most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small sliver of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia. So all total there are 32 countries are coming under this category. Among them, I have picked the country Brazil and prepared the most common dessert from that cuisine as Brazilian Truffles aka Brigadeiros.

What is exactly Brigadeiros ?

The brigadeiros are the popular confection throughout the country, Brazil especially for festive events. The name is linked to the famous Brazilian Brigadier General Eduardo Gomes who was an UDN candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in 1946. During that period, this sweet became popular and they named as brigadier’s sweet which was eventually shortened to just ‘Brigadeiro’. Basically it is prepared from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles are used as a coating. 

How is these Brigadeiros being prepared ?

The preparation method is super simple still bit tricky. All the ingredients are first mixed in a pan except the sprinkles. Then the mixture is allowed to cook over low-medium heat, but stirring continuously. This is an important part, otherwise the mixture will burn from bottom. After continuous stirring the mixture starts thickening and leaving the sides of the pan. That time is also vital step. Immediately turn off heat without over cooking the mixture else that will become hard candy on cooling. Then the mixture is transferred to a greased plate and allowed to cool down completely either keeping aside at room temperature or in refrigerator. Then the coating part’ll come. Small balls are prepared using 1 spoon of that cooled mixture by the help of greased palm. The balls are then well coated with the chocolate sprinkles.

Is there any variation one can make here ?

    Brigadeiros are commonly made at home and one can also found in bakeries and shops. The basic shape of the brigadeiros are small balls which are kept in mini paper cup while serving. But the shapes one can vary as per personal choices. Even these days the flavors are being changed by simply using different ingredients. Also there are a no of coating options like chocolate sprinkles (the traditional one), multi-color sprinkles, multi-color balls, finely chopped dry-fruits, cocoa powder, desiccated coconut etc. These are completely gluten free and egg-free desserts. Withing few time one can make these without any hassles.

    Serving suggestion :

    These sweet balls are perfect dessert option and can be stored for 2-3 weeks in refrigerator. In Brazil this chocolate candy is a must in children birthday parties and it is the most favorite for all most all Brazilian kids. These days this becomes much popular all over the world and perfect party dessert options. As the Christmas is coming these easy-peasy Brazilian Truffles aka Brigadeiros are best opted for gifting purpose too. So do make these chocolate balls prepared with simple ingredients and following super easy technique.

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    Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)

    Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)


    prep time: 30 Mcook time: 10 Mtotal time: 40 M

    gluten free & egg free chocolate truffles using condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and with a coating of chocolate sprinkles.


    • Condensed milk 400 gm
    • Cocoa powder 4 tbsp
    • Butter (at room temperature) 2 tbsp + for greasing
    • Salt (optional) 1 pinch
    • Sprinkles for coating


    How to cook Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)

    1. In a pan take cocoa powder, salt, butter, condensed milk and mix well slowly.
    2. Turn on heat and place the pan.
    3. Allow to cook stirring continuously over low-medium heat.
    4. After few minutes the whole mixture starts thickening and leaving the sides of the pan.
    5. This is the right time and simply turn off heat immediately.
    6. Transfer the mixture to a greased plate and allow the mixture to cool down completely.
    7. Next take the desired sprinkles in plates.
    8. Grease both palm in butter and take 1 spoon of the mixture, start rolling to make a ball.
    9. Roll the ball in the sprinkles plate so that the ball is well coated.
    10. Serve by placing in a mini paper cup or refrigerate in an air-tight container to serve later !


    Allow to cook stirring continuously over low-medium heat. Else it will burn from bottom.
    Do not over cook as it will become hard candy on cooling.
    The mixture can be allowed to cool down in refrigerator or even at room temperature.
    The size of the brigadeiros are usually prepared using 1/2 – 1 spoon of the mixture. But one can vary this and make as desired size.
    The coating one can use anything. The traditional ones are the chocolate sprinkles.

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    1. Priya Iyer

      The Brigadeiros look so lovely! Perfect sweet treat for Christmas season. 🙂

      The preparation does sound simple, but I'm sure getting it right is quite tricky.

    2. Kalyani

      these are so addictive ! and delicious at the same time… very inviting!

    3. Sujata Roy

      Brazilian truffles looks so cute Sasmita. You are right these are perfect for Christmas gift. Loved this easy to make and delicious truffles.

    4. Poonam Bachhav

      The Brigadeiros look so Delish ! Perfect festive treat with just 5 ingredients !

    5. Mayuri Patel

      Perfect Brigadeiros for the upcoming festivities. They look so pretty and are super tempting. I'm hoping I'll be able to make them for Christmas.

    6. Swati

      Prefect sweet treats for Christmas and festive occasions.. these look so stunning and are so easy to make!!

    7. preethi'scuisine

      Brazilian Truffles look Super tempting. A delicious treat that will be loved by everyone.Pics look so stunning.

    8. Narmadha

      wow..These looks super tempting and perfect for parties. Would love to have it anytime

    9. Narmadha

      Such a quick and easy recipe and looks absolutely scrumptious. perfect treat for parties or any occasions

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