Spine Gourd Fritters | Chips using Kankada or Kakrol or Adavi kakarkaya or Kantroli

a perfect crunchy fritter which is best suited for snack or side dish using a seasonal vegetable, spine gourd

What is Spine Gourd ?

Spine gourd is a perennial climbing creeper and bears fruits during the monsoon to the end of rainy season. This is closely related to bitter gourd, but different one in both taste (not bitter) and look wise. This vegetable is short in length, round in shape and green in color. These are one of the famous and nutritious cultivated vegetable in India. Many different names are there for this vegetable as Kantroli in marathi, Kankada in odia, Kakrol in bengali, Adavi kakarkaya / Aa kakarkaya in telugu etc. Also there are two sizes available, smaller ones of size 1-1.5 inches and the bigger ones of size 2-3 inches. The price of smaller spine gourds are also bit high as compared to bigger ones. These spine gourd are considered to have cooling, analgesic, sedative, diuretic properties and also balance all the three Doshas according to Ayurveda. 

the use of Spine Gourd in culinary world :

Many dishes one can make using this spine gourd. Starting from stir-fry to any gravy dish and even chips one can have by this seasonal vegetable. My younger brother never like it since childhood. Actually there is a popular line in odia as “Mankada khaye kankada kasi” which means monkey eats the baby spine gourds. So he always says that he is not a monkey and hence he will not eat that, still my mother make different dishes using this vegetable. And particularly I like the smaller spine gourds as the seeds of these small gourds are bit crunchy while munching as compared to bigger ones. Today I have come up with the chips recipe of my mother 😊

Preparation of Spine gourd Fritters or Kankada Chips :

    The kankada / kakrol / spine gourd has a no of spines on the outer surface. So it is recommended to thoroughly wash and clean all the spine gourds properly as there are a lot of dirts stuck in between the outer thorns. Then each gourd is cut into thin slices (neither be too thin nor thick). There is no need to de-seed the spine gourds after slicing as they taste yumm after frying. Then all the ingredints mix in a mixing bowl along with spine gourd slices. If the slices are well coated then there is no need of any water. Else one can sprinkle 1/2-1 tbsp of water to the mixture. Next the coated slices are deep fried in batches till crisp on both the sides over low-medium heat. 

    Serving suggestion :

    After frying the spine gourd slices become so much crispy and crunchy. These can be served as a side dish with any kind of lunch spread. Even with a hot cup of tea these will be a perfect combination as a evening snack. These are completely vegan and gluten free. The process is quite simple and easy. I love to sprinkle few chat masala just before serving and With few slices of onions, it is a big hit at my place. So do try and also please your guest by serving as a party snack !

    The event related to this post :

    Monday is here again and this time the Foodie Monday Blog Hop team has decided the 220th theme as ‘Gourds are beautiful‘ which is suggested by Sujata di. She is a sweet and lovely person by heart and I love most of her sweet dishes particularly from Bengali cuisine, if you are a big fan of Bengali sweets then her space is perfect. I have recently checked her Karela Dopyazza and immediately bookmarked to try soon. Well coming back to the theme, she suggested to make dishes using gourds and I choose Spine Gourd and here is the recipe of Spine Gourd Fritters aka Kankada Chips.

    Recipe Card for ‘Spine Gourd Fritters’ :

    Vegetarian, Chips, Kakrol chips, Kankada chips, Crunchy snack

    vegan, gluten free, spine gourd, fritters, Snack, side dish

    Indian cuisine


    Chips of Kankada / Kakrol / Adavi kakarkaya / Kantroli / Spine Gourd / Teasel Gourd

    Chips of Spine Gourd / Teasel Gourd

    a perfect crunchy fritters which is best suited for snack or side dish using a seasonal vegetable, spine gourd

    prep time: 10 Mcook time: 15 Mtotal time: 25 M


    • Spine gourd (kankada) 10-12 no.
    • Gram flour (besan) 2 tbsp
    • Rice flour 2 tbsp
    • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
    • Red chili powder 1 tsp
    • Amchur powder (dry mango powder) 1 tsp
    • Chat masala 1 tsp
    • Black salt as needed
    • Water as needed
    • Oil for deep frying


    How to cook Chips of Spine Gourd

    1. Wash and clean all the spine gourds properly as there are a lot of dirt stuck in between the outer thorns.
    2. Discard the ends of each gourd and cut into thin slices (neither be too thin nor thick). Keep aside.
    3. Meanwhile heat enough oil in a deep pan for frying.
    4. In a mixing bowl, take rice flour, besan, turmeric powder, red chili powder, amchur powder, black salt and mix well.
    5. Add the spine gourd slices and start mixing again.
    6. If the slices are well coated then there is no need of any water. Else sprinkle 1/2-1 tbsp of water and mix.
    7. Then carefully, slide few coated gourd slices into hot oil without over-crowding the pan.
    8. Stir occasionally and fry till crisp on both the sides over low-medium heat.
    9. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel.
    10. Similarly deep fry rest spine gourd slices in batches.
    11. Finally sprinkle chat masala and serve as a side dish in lunch spread or even as a crunchy snack !


    No need to de-seed the spine gourds after slicing. They taste yum after frying.
    Always deep fry in batches which makes the slices much crispy and crunchy.
    Chat masala is optional.
    If more spiciness is required then add few finely chopped green chilies while mixing everything in the bowl.

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    1. Priya Iyer

      Spiny gourd is one of the vegetables that's never used in my kitchen. Your fritters look so delicious and inviting, though, that I'm tempted to buy some spiny gourd just to make these! 🙂

      Great post!

    2. Mayuri Patel

      Such a wonderful recipe Sasmita, each slice of kankoda as its known in Gujarati is well coated with the spicy mixture. Bookmarked this recipe to try out, and yes will have to try soon as it seems that kankoda season is disappearing.

    3. Narmadha

      spine gourd fritters looks too tempting and easy to make too. Wish to pick a few from the screen

    4. Poonam Bachhav

      I have yet to try my hands on spine gourd. The fritters look absolutely Delish Sasmita ! Bookmarking the recipe.

    5. preethi'scuisine

      Spine gourd fritters sounds interesting.I make stir fry with this. We usually find this in bangladeshi market and some indian stores here.Loved the idea of making chips.

    6. Vasusvegkitchen

      Love this ఆ kakarakaya fry, It's very crispy and tasty. You nailed it, it came out perfect. Tastes yummy as snack or with rasam or sambar rice.

    7. cookwithrenu

      I have not used spine gourd much in my kitchen and you are tempting me to try it soon. The chips with spine gourd looks absolutely delicious and yum. Perfectly explained recipe.

    8. Sujata Roy

      I love kakrol bhaja and your looks so crispy crunchy and delicious. I will surely try it sometime. Thanks dear for the lovely words.

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