Almond Fudge | Badam Burfi

Almond fudge or badam burfi is a popular Indian sweet mainly prepared with powdered almond and sugar syrup. This is a quick and easy sweet which can be prepared with easily available ingredients. If you have ready made almond powder in hand, then within 15 minutes this sweet can be prepared.

Here I have not used any milk and ghee. Only for greasing purpose, a little amount of ghee is used. And also here, there is no bothering of exact right consistency of sugar syrup. Instead of soaking the almonds, blanching can reduce the preparation time. One point to remember to get perfect smooth texture of the burfi is that there should not be any cracks in the dough after kneading.

    This popular Indian sweet, badam burfi anybody can use as a gift during any festive occasion especially during Diwali. Badam burfi is one of the favorite sweets of my father. This also can be served as dessert after a full main course meal. So below is the details method of preparation of this amazingly tasty, smooth and melt in mouth textured almond fudge or badam burfi.

    Preparation Time : 15 mins   |   Cooking Time : 10 mins 

    Ingredients :        



    Almond (badam)

    ½ cup


    ¼ cup

    Cardamom powder

    1 pinch


    ¼ cup

    Method :

    1. First soak the almonds in sufficient water for at least 2 hours. Then drain all the water and peel the skin of almonds.
    2. Dry roast all the peeled almonds to make free of any moisture.
    3. Then in a blender put all the cooled and roasted almonds and make a powder (semi fine texture).
    4. Next in a nonstick pan, take sugar and water. Turn heat on.
    5. Add cardamom powder. Stir in till sugar dissolves completely over low-medium heat.
    6. Once the mixture starts bubbling, add in the almond powder.
    7. Stir continuously over low-medium heat scrapping the sides as well.
    8. After sometimes, the mixture becomes thick and slightly sticky.
    9. Turn off heat, transfer the mixture to a plate and allow to cool a bit.
    10. When the mixture is still warm, knead for 1-2 minutes with greased (by ghee) hand or till a smooth texture of the dough appears. There should not be any cracks in the dough.
    11. Then place the dough on a greased plate and make a rectangle or square of desired thickness.
    12. Using a sharp knife, cut into desired shape.
    13. Sprinkle some finely chopped pistachio and then separate each burfi.
    14. Store in air tight container or serve !

    Notes :

    • Always prefer to use nonstick pan for making badam burfi easily.
    • The whole preparation process of badam burfi has to be prepared over low-medium heat.
    • If ready made almond powder is available, then use it directly to the sugar mixture.

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    1. Unknown

      delicious looking badam burfi..

    2. Vanitha

      What a lovely burfi, that too with minimal ingredients and effort!! Awesome share it 🙂 🙂 Presentation is super good!

    3. Vanitha

      Perfect looking badam burfis!!! I love that you have given just enough proportions enough for a family of 2 to 3! Nice presentation too dear! Fabulous share 🙂

    4. Meghna.

      I love those barfis,looks very tempting and your instructions are so clear and precise. I will definitely give them a try this weekend 🙂

    5. Soma Mukherjee

      This is such an amazing recipe with so less ingredients, the burfis are looking so perfect and yummy. Lovely share.

    6. Hayley

      Badam barfi is my favourite, great results with only a few ingredients and less efforts. Perfect for upcoming festivals.

    7. Mayuri Patel

      Perfect barfi for the on going festival.Creamy white and easy to make.

    8. Pavani

      Burfi looks delicious and tempting that too with only 4 ingredients. Thanks for the recipe

    9. Padma

      Simple recipe with few ingredients but wins everyones hearts…Love the texture of the burfi…Thanks for the yummy share 🙂

    10. jayashree

      Such a lovely recipe, can anyone say no to this? Nice share for festivities.

    11. Poonam Bachhav

      Love this creamy rich almond fudge..the recipe sounds fuss free.

    12. code2cook

      Almond fudge came out perfectly. I amazed with the fact that you handled syrup nicely and excel the outcome.

    13. Praneetha

      Looks so tempting and delicious. I absolutely love badam burfi, the recipe looks to be so easy and doable. Will try sometime. 🙂

    14. cookwithrenu

      Perfect for the upcoming season and a good way to feed some nuts for the fussy eaters.

    15. Lathiya

      The burfi looks amazing…you made perfect squares out of it.. I always look for different recipes to use almond as my son don’t eat that as such…this is perfect

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