Mango Bhel Puri | Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

a tangy snack using raw mangoes, puffed rice and some other basic chaat ingredients

Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

Chaat and its basic ingredients :

Chaat is one of such popular Indian street food that offers our palate a mouth watering texture as well as a finger licking flavor. One can discover each Indian state has its own way of making this snack, Chaat. The chaat masala is the essential ingredient used in all type of chaats. I prefer to use the homemade chaat masala powder while preparing this street snack at home, do check. Basically according to the ingredients used in the chaat recipe decides the name of the chaat. The basic chutney used are the green chutney (coriander-mint chutney), red chutney (tamarind chutney). But one thing is common in all the chaats as they have a combined taste of sweet, salty, crunchy, spicy and savory as well. Well there is an array of chaat like jhal muri, papdi chaat, aloo chaat, bhel puri, aloo tikki chaat and lots more.

Some chaat recipes from this blog :

    Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

    Mango Bhel Puri :

    Bhel puri is a very popular Mumbai street food prepared using puffed rice, some vegetables (like onion, tomato and potato), along with few spices & sauces. This tasty and chatpata snack is very easy to make at home. Here I have come up with a twist to that classic bhel puri using some raw mangoes (either in grated / chopped form) as Mango Bhel Puri.

    Ingredients & preparation :

    Like the regular bhel puri here puffed rice (murmura / mudhi) is the major ingredient. Along with that some chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilies are used. I have not used any chutney here in this chaat. The tanginess comes from the unripe mangoes. One can use the mango either in grated form or finely chopped. I love to get some chunks while having, so use in chopped form. If raw mangoes are not tangy, then some freshly squeezed lemon juice can be added in extra. For the crunchiness, roasted peanuts and some fried chana dal (bengal gram) are used. Few fried moong dal can be opted instead of chana dal here if wish. In the spices, simply red chili powder and chaat masala I have added. The chaat masala usually I prefer to prepare at home. Do check here the recipe for that masala powder. Black salt is used as per taste and finally some nylon sevs are topped to get extra crunch in the chaat. 

    First in a mixing bowl the roasted peanuts, chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilies, grated / chopped mangoes, fried chana dal (bengal gram) are mixed well using a spoon. Then the puffed rice along with red chili powder, chaat masala, blak salt and are added and mixed well again. Finally some sevs are sprinkled and immediately served in a paper cone / bowl.

    Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

    Serving Suggestion :

    This is so quick and easy snack. In summer when the fresh and seasonal raw mangoes are easily available, this is perfect twist to the bhel puri recipe which one should make and enjoy. Mix everything and it is ready to serve within mintues. Completely Vegan snack it is. One thing to keep in mind is : after mixing everything, this snack has to serve immediately, else the whole mixture will tend to soggy. For after school snack, evening tea time snack this is perfectly fit into. One can also prepare this before hand. Simply mix the dry ingredients and keep aside. Just before serving mix all the wet ingredients (onion, tomato, green chili, raw mango) into the dry mixture and serve, it is that much simple. Kids (just avoid the chilies while serving) and elders all’ll equally enjoy this tempting mango bhel puri which surely tantalize everyone’s taste buds. So do make soon as the summer is here !


    The event related to this post :

    Monday is here again and thFoodie Monday Blog Hop team has decided the 247th theme as ‘Its Chaat Time which is suggested by Swaty this time. Have you checked her space, she has a wonderful collection of recipes, I mostly love her baked dishes using varieties of flour and these Mug Cakes are one of my fav which I will make soon. Well, for the theme we all have to make any variety of chaat or any basic ingredient used in chaat like papdi, chutney etc, so I have prepared this Mango Bhel Puri & contributed for the theme.

    Now let’s go through how to make “Mango Bhel Puri” at home 👇

    : Recipe Card :

    Mango Bhel Puri | Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

    Mango Bhel Puri | Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

    Author: sasmita

    Prep time: 15 MCook time: Total time: 15 M

    a tangy snack using raw mangoes, puffed rice and some other basic chaat ingredients.


    • Raw mango (chopped / grated) 1/2 cup
    • Puffed rice (mudhi) 1 cup
    • Tomato (finely chopped) 1/4 cup
    • Onion (finely chopped) 1/4 cup
    • Green chili (finely chopped)
    • Peanut (roasted) 1/4 cup
    • Chana dal (fried) 1/4 cup
    • Chat masala 1/2 tsp
    • Red chili powder 1/4 tsp
    • Black salt as needed
    • Sev 2-3 tbsp


    1. In a mixing bowl take roasted peanuts, chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilies, grated / chopped mangoes, fried chana dal (bengal gram) and mix well using a spoon.
    2. Next add puffed rice along with red chili powder, chaat masala, blak salt and again give a nice mix.
    3. Finally sprinkle some sev and toss well/
    4. Serve immediately in a paper cone / bowl !


    I have not added lemon juice here. The raw mangoes are too tangy so skipped the lemon addition. If your raw mangoes are not that much tangy, then do add lemon juice to get the desired tangyness in the bhel.
    Add any other fried lentils like moong dal instead of fried bengal grams (chana dal) here if wish.
    Few chopped coriander leaves can be added, I have skipped as I was run out of that.
    After mixing everything, serve immediately. Else the whole mixture will tend to soggy.

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    Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture

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    Raw Mango Puffed Rice Mixture


    1. Poonam Bachhav

      Raw mango bhel puri makes for a healthy, lip smacking Summer afternoon snack! Loved ypurcrisp photography.

    2. Sujata Roy

      First I am totally in love with your pictures. White paper cone with spiced puffed rice looks mouthwatering. Made jhalmudi but never tried this way. Can't wait to try.

    3. Kalyani

      Raw mango in bhel makes it irresistible ! such a lovely capture too !

    4. Narmadha

      Love your twist to traditional recipes and raw mango bhel looks irrestible and would wish to pick that off the screen. Amazing pictures as usual

    5. cookwithrenu

      Love bhel puri and the your pic is so tempting. Just want to grab from the screen to have the burst of flavours in my mouth

    6. Archana

      Love the bhel. Can imagine the taste of raw mangoes in the bhel. My mouth is watering at the thought.

    7. Priya Iyer

      I love this version of dry bhel, with raw mango added in. Great way to make use of unripe mangoes when in season.

      The chaat looks so delicious I want to grab a bite right away! Brilliant pics!

    8. Cookingisfunn

      I just love that paper cone you made it sasmita:) Bhel puri with kachha aam looks so tempting lovely photo girl

    9. Mayuri Patel

      Whenever we make bhel, adding chopped semi ripe mango is a must. However, like your idea of adding fried chana dal which we don't. Such a quick and yet lip smacking chaat.

    10. preethi'scuisine

      This mango bhel puri is super tempting. A delicious and quick recipe to satisfy your Chaat cravings. Beautiful clicks.

    11. Vasusvegkitchen

      Lovely photography dear, it is very inviting. Mango bhel puri sounds very intresting, this tangy and tasty chaat is best at tea time. Loved all your collection too..

    12. Swati

      Sasmita you stunning pic is so inviting that I am tempted to make it for evening snack today! Adding raw mangoes must have added a tangy taste to bhel !! Loved it!!

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