French Beans Fry in Mustard Paste

Winter is all around here in India. Well, nothing can beat fresh french beans straight from the garden 😉. These are so easy to grow and highly productive as well. French bean is one of the most popular and widely grown vegetables. But most people who include french beans as one of their favorite vegetables probably don’t know how healthy these are. They simply just like the taste and the crunch. Like other vegetables, french beans are a good source of fiber, potassium, folate and are an excellent source of protein, iron, and zinc. 

Here in this post I have come up with a side dish using these french beans fry in mustard paste. Basically anyone can say that this is a odia touch to the french beans. The paste used here is called as Besar in odia language which is prepared using some mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic cloves and whole red chilies. The french beans are cut into two halves and fried along with some potato wedges first. And finally the mustard paste is added to the dish and allowed to cook till the potato wedges are done completely. This goes perfectly fit as a side dish with rice-dal combo. Also it is completely vegan and gluten free side dish. So do try soon 😊

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Vegan, Gluten free, French beans

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French Beans Fry in Mustard Paste

vegan gluten free side dish using french beans in mustard paste

prep time: 10 minscook time: 15 minstotal time: 25 mins


  • Potato (medium)   2 no.
  • French bean   300 gm
  • Mustard Seeds   2 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds   2 tsp
  • Dry chilies   3 no.
  • Garlic cloves   6-7 no.
  • Turmeric powder   1 tsp
  • Panch phoron   1 tsp
  • Oil   2 tbsp
  • Salt   as needed


  1. Soak the mustard seeds, garlic cloves, 2 dry chilies and cumin seeds in half a cup of water and keep aside for at least 15 mins.
  2. Wash all the french beans and cut it into 2 halves (3 inch pieces).
  3. Cut potatoes into 4 pieces lengthwise and keep aside along with french beans.
  4. Drain the soaked mustard seeds, garlic, dry chili and cumin seeds. Grind very well into a fine paste by adding a little water.
  5. Take a pan, heat the oil.
  6. Add panch phoran, 1 whole red chili & allow to splutter.
  7. Add potatoes along with turmeric powder and stir fry them for around 30 secs.
  8. Next add the french beans and fry for another 30 secs.
  9. Then add the ground paste and mix well until the vegetables are coated with it.
  10. Add 1 cup of water and salt.
  11. Cover and cook until the potatoes are cooked or till all the water dries out.
  12. Serve hot with rice-dal combo or even with roti, paratha !


The amount of mustard and cumin seeds is perfect here. If the amount is increased, then there will be a bitterness in the whole dish.

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  1. Jere

    I love green beans and this is a new way to cook them. They do look delicious.

  2. Gloria | Homemade & Yummy
    Gloria | Homemade & Yummy

    This looks like a delicious side dish. Great to go with all kinds of proteins. My kids love beans, so I think they would really enjoy this recipe.

  3. Danielle

    This is such a great way to cook green beans. I'm always looking for ways to spice up my veggies!

  4. Unknown

    This looks like a wonderful and tasty way to prepare green beans, i never cook them enough!

  5. Eating Richly Even When You're Broke
    Eating Richly Even When You're Broke

    What a great french beans recipe. My family loves green beans. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  6. Unknown

    I love how simple this recipe is but definitely sounds like it packs quite a punch. I love it.

  7. Linda

    Mustard paste? I'm so curious to give it a try. And this sounds so amazing with french beans.

  8. Jacqueline Debono

    I love green beans and I love spicy food, so this recipe is calling my name! Looking forward to trying it!

  9. April

    I agree – beating fresh beans is quite a task in itself. This recipe is a great demonstration of how tasty the beans can be.

  10. Mimi

    Mmm. Beans are easily my favorite side to go with so many dishes that I love! And these look amazing!

  11. spoonsofflavor

    Such a comfort Odia side dish dear. And you have made this so perfect. Just need some piping hot rice, dal and fish curry to finish this. Love it😊

  12. Kelly Anthony

    My girls have been asking for green beans every week. I'm excited to try this new way of cooking them.

  13. Fnon

    This is a great way to eat beans and probably a way to get my five year to eat French Beans. It looks so good!

  14. Krista Price

    Green beans are one my favorite veggies! I'm always looking for new ways to prepare them! Looking forward to trying this recipe!

  15. Lathiya

    The french beans stir fry looks delicious…the mustard paste you used here sounds interesting..will give a try

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