Beetroot, Carrot Soup (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE)


a hearty and pretty color soup with all the goodness from beetroot and carrot

Winter is on full phase these days, so we all can think about all things those are warm and comforting. And when it is about comfort during the winters, there is absolutely nothing like having a steaming bowl of soup. It can be indulgent as well as healthy with flavors and textures that make it a great comfort food. During the winter, soup is an ideal way to boost our health as it is packed with veggies, easy to follow and budget-friendly to prepare too. So just forget about boring tinned soups and prepare the soup at home for ultimate flavor and comfort that will add some excitement to those dull winter days. These are a whole meal in itself depending upon the ingredients used. Just add as much or as little according to own needs and then one can have a quick meal or a snack all ready to be savored.

Beetroot & Carrot Soup !!

This is a delicious soup made using two root vegetables Carrot and Beetroot. As the winter is here, so nothing beats the seasonal vegetable like beetroot, carrot ! The goodness of beetroot and carrot are loaded in this soup. While Beetroots are rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, fiber, anti-oxidants; carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A. So this soup is an excellent choice for children as it benefits their vision, skin and immune system. In addition to this, the soup also has a bright color and thus making it very attractive. Completely vegan and gluten free also it is.

What are the steps to make this hearty and pretty color soup ?

First in a pressure cooker, oil is heated. The grated ginger is added and sauted a bit (keeping an eye on it not to burn). Then the chopped beetroot & carrots, green chilies are added and sauted for 3-4 minutes. After that 1 cup of water is added along with salt and pressure cooked till the vegetables are well done. 

When it cools down, a puree is prepared in a blender jar. To get rid of any chunks, one can here strain the puree if desired. The puree is then put in a pan and the consistency is adjusted by adding water. The seasoning is balanced and again allowed to get a quick boil. It is all done by now to serve !

Dietary note :

    ✔ Vegan

    ✔ Warm soup
    ✔ Gluten free

    ✔ Simple and easy to make

    ✔ Without onion and garlic

    ✔ Low oil recipe

    Serving suggestion –

    This soup not only soothe our soul but also are extremely healthy for the body. This is super easy to prepare ! So whether looking for a light and easy comfort meal in the chilly winter, a bowl of this type of soup can always come handy. Sometimes I have this beetroot soup as it is and on the other moment, I love to add some croutons. For any chilly winter celebration time, this soup using carrot and beetroot acts as a great option too with its pretty color. So do try out soon this easy and quick appetizer to get comfort in the winter chill. 

    Let’s go through how to make “Beetroot & Carrot Soup” at home 👇

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    Beetroot, Carrot Soup (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE)



    Prep time

    10 Min

    Cook time

    30 Min

    Total time

    40 Min


    Beetroot, Carrot Soup (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE)

    a hearty colorful soup with all the goodness from beetroot and carrot


    • Beetroot (roughly chopped) 1.5 cup
    • Carrot (roughly chopped) 1 cup
    • Green chili 2-3 no.
    • Ginger (grated) 1 tsp
    • Mixed herb 1/2 tsp
    • Oil 1/2 tsp
    • Salt as needed
    • Water as needed


    1. Heat oil in a pressure cook.
    2. Add grated ginger and sauté a bit (keeping an eye on it not to burn).
    3. Next add chopped beetroot & carrots, green chili and sauté for 3-4 minutes.
    4. Add 1 cup water along with salt and pressure cook till the vegetables are well done.
    5. Turn off heat and allow to cool down completely.
    6. Make a puree of this in a blender jar and strain to get rid of any chunks, if desired.
    7. Put this puree in a pan and adjust the consistency by adding water.
    8. Add mixed herbs and also add salt if required.
    9. Give a mix and allow to get a quick boil.
    10. Serve immediately as it is or with some croutons !


    Adjust the consistency of the soup as desired.

    Add more or less green chili according to the spiciness required in the soup.

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    1. Swati

      Ahh.. what an inviting mug of soup.. loved the color of this carrot and beetroot soup.. so nutritious and comforting for the perfect chilly and cold weather here in Delhi.. beautifully shot as always..

    2. Poonam Bachhav

      I add beetroot and carrot to my tomato soup. Will try your version with mixed herbs next time. Such a gorgeous color and oh so healthy !

    3. Narmadha

      So creamy and delicious beetroot carrot soup. Love the gorgeous color of the soup and beautiful presentation as usual.

    4. jayashree

      Lovely soup with beet and carrot. It looks like a comfort drink for me. Loved the deep red colour.

    5. Vanitha

      Wow dear! Loving the simplicity of this beautiful soup! In awe of this color; beets are one of my favorites to enjoy raw, boiled or in salad form!! Beautiful and healthy contribution dear!

    6. preethi'scuisine

      I am in love with the colour of the soup. So delicious and nutritious soup sasmita. Looks absolutely irresistible.

    7. Infusecooking

      Thank you sharing this amazing recipe

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