Virgin Mojito Honito

Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using the nectar from flowers. It is basically graded by color. With the clear, golden amber honey is often fetching a higher retail price than the darker varieties. There are two varieties of honey which is available in the market : Raw and Pasteurized form. Pasteurized honey has been heated and processed to remove impurities. And on the other hand, the raw one is removed from the hive and bottled directly, hence it will contain trace amounts of yeast, wax and even pollen. But consuming raw honey is believed to help with seasonal allergies.

Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine, particularly Ayurveda treatments. Honey is particularly healthy when used instead of refined sugar, which is 100% empty calories. It is very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits as :

  • Weight Loss 
  • Healthy Sweetener
  • Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Vitamins & Minerals
  • Antiseptic Property
  • Speeds Wound Healing
  • Antioxidant Properties etc.

In food, one can use in many dishes starting from cakes, pancakes to beverages. Here I have come up with a cold beverage as Virgin Mojito Honito. The traditional mojito uses a simple syrup which is prepared using refined sugar. That part is totally replaced with honey here. Rest other procedure is same as of the traditional one. Completely gluten free is this. In a pitcher or jar one can make honey syrup simply by mixing honey with hot water in 4:1 ratio (or even 3:1). This honey syrup can be refrigerated in a sealed container to use later too.

At the time of serving just muddle the honey syrup with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves, then pour the chilled water to adjust accordingly. Then this can be served by pouring into the serving glass having some ice cubes. I have not added any soda water in this mojito, but one can add to get some sparkling effect in the mojito. Use of honey is making this cold beverage completely healthy one. And also no alcohol is added unlike the traditional one. So do list this Virgin Mojito Honito in your next party beverage menu.

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Recipe Card for ‘Virgin Mojito Honito :

Honey, Beverage, Virgin, Mojito, Honey syrup, No alcohol, Mint leaves, Lemon juice, Gluten free

Beverage, Virgin, Mojito, Honey, Gluten free



Virgin Mojito Honito

a healthy variation to the traditional mojito with no alcohol used.

prep time: 15 Mcook time: total time: 15 M


  • Hot water 1 tbsp
  • Honey 1/4 cup
  • Mint leaves 8-10 no.
  • Lime juice 5 tbsp
  • Chilled water
  • Lemon slice few
  • Ice cubes few


How to cook Virgin Mojito Honito

  1. In a jar first take hot water, honey and mix well using a spoon to make the honey syrup.
  2. Into that, add mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  3. Muddle well to release the aroma of mint leaves using a muddler or just use a spoon to gently crush / bruise the mint leaves.
  4. Pour chilled water and give a nice mix.
  5. Take the serving glass and put some ice cubes, lemon slices.
  6. Fill the glass with the prepared solution.
  7. Serve immediately !


Honey syrup can be prepared in a large batch and stored in refrigerator for later use.
Some chilled soda water can use while pouring into the serving glass.

Well for current month the event ‘A to Z Recipe Challenge‘ has come up with the alphabet H. That means, there must be a recipe post having the main ingredient name starting with alphabet H. So I opted H for Honey and have prepared a cold beverage as ‘Virgin Mojito Honito’.

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  1. Priya Iyer

    The husband and I are big fans of virgin mojito. Love that you've made a version with honey instead of sugar. 🙂

    Beautiful pics!

  2. Sujata Roy

    So innovative. Really loved your honito. Perfect for diet conscious people. By replacing sugar syrup with honey you made this mojito healthy. Lovely share.

  3. Superduper kitchen
    Superduper kitchen

    Refreshing drink apt for the summer.I loved the idea of using honey in the traditional recipe replacing sugar. Stunning pics.

  4. Mayuri Patel

    The word honito definitely caught my attention. Such a great way to avoid sugar and yet enjoy a classic mojito.

  5. Ankita

    So refreshing and healthy mojito. Love the idea of using honey instead of sugar..

  6. Rafeeda AR

    I would love that drink on a hot afternoon! Love the idea of replacing the sugar with honey, makes it even more tempting…

  7. Vidya Narayan

    Lemon Juice marries honey pretty well and together they form a refreshing drink for all season. Apt drink for brutal summers.

  8. Aruna

    Mumbai is sweltering inspite of rains and I think a glass of this Mojito would be welcome this sultry Sunday afternoon.

  9. Geetha

    Mojito looks so refreshing and healthy. A much needed thirst quencher in this hot weather. Lovely share…

  10. mildly indian

    mmmmm no more thirst quick fixes neede. Just this recipe in a tall pitcher and cool summer dreams. will lovem the idea of summer, now that I am freezing out here.

  11. JollyHomemadeRecipes

    Love mojito, this honito mojito looks so delicious. A perfect summer drink, addition of honey and lime makes it great. I want to grab that glass right now ! what a lovey treat!

  12. Poonam Bachhav

    Lemon and honey in a mojito sounds flavorful and a healthy. Beautifully presented as always !

  13. Kalyani

    honey and lemon are such a perfect pair and this party drink makes it more appetising ! well done and great clicks too !

  14. Paarul

    Refreshing drink to beat the heat !! Honito Mojita is welcome drink in this humid weather.

  15. Swati

    Loved this simple and synthetic sugar-free and alcohol free mojito..(correction honito!!) refreshing and cooling .. perfect for hot and humid weather..

  16. Unknown

    This is complete party pleasure and one can indulge in more than one glass completely guilt free. Amazing idea to use honey in Mojito. Beautiful presentation!!

  17. Archana

    Delicious mojito with honey in place of refined sugar. Honey mojito I love the idea. The moment rains stop I am trying it out .

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