Satvik Stir-fried Raw Papaya (Vegan & Gluten free)

a much tasty, without onion-garlic and healthy stir-fried dish using raw papaya.

Papaya in details :

Papaya / papaw / papita is originally from from southern Mexico and neighboring Central America, but it is now cultivated in most tropical countries. Two kinds of papayas are commonly grown : One has red or orange flesh (Red papaya) and the other has yellow flesh (Yellow papaya). And in both the varieties if the papaya is plucked in green stage then it is the unripe one or green papaya. The ripe ones (red / yellow) are sweet in taste while the green ones have a very mild, almost bland taste. The unripe papaya has a lot more active enzymes than its ripe version. 

Which type of dishes can one prepare using papaya (unripe / ripe) ?

The ripe papaya is usually eaten raw (discarding the skin and seeds), still one use in cooking (check this papaya halwa). The unripe green ones also can be eaten raw / cooked, like in salads, stews, dry dish etc. In India unripe as well as the ripe version of papaya are easily available throughout the whole year. In my house, this is a must in ingredient list those are listed to buy from the local market. These are so fresh and I just love these to use in varieties of dishes like santula (an Odia dish which I will share in another post) (using unripe papaya), papaya kofta curries (using unripe papaya), tutti frutti / candied papaya (using unripe papaya)papaya stir fried (using unripe papaya), salads (using ripe / unripe papaya), halwa (using ripe papaya) etc.

What exactly the raw papaya stir fry is ?

This stir fries of raw papaya are quite simple and easy to make. Well, here the raw papayas which are green in color are first peeled to discard the outermost deep green color skin which taste quite bitter. And also the innermost white layer where some seeds (white / black in color) present are also taken out. Then these are grated, one can prefer to use thin / slightly thick grater for that. These grated papayas are stir fried in oil along with some mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilies, peanuts. So this dish is completely free of onion and garlic. Some grated coconut can be added here to the dish. The raw papaya stir fries goes very well along with hot phulka / roti, steamed rice-dal combo or even one can have as it is.

Why is here a no-onion-no-garlic dish ?

For current month, the Food For Feast group has come up with a theme as ‘Satvik Recipes‘. So we the members of that foodie group have to make the dishes which are free from onion and garlic. And as the navratra in India is going to start by this weekend so one should list up many such kind of dishes to try these days. So here I have prepared a simple and healthy recipe as ‘Satvik Stir-fried Raw Papaya‘ for the contribution.

Recipe Card for ‘Satvik Stir-fried Raw Papaya’ :

No onion No garlic dish, vegan side dish, raw papaya, Stir fried papaya, peanut, Satvik side dish

Vegan, Stir frying, Gluten free, Papaya, Satvik, Side dish


Author: Sasmita

Satvik Stir-fried Raw Papaya (vegan & gluten free)

a much tasty and healthy stir-fried dish using raw papaya

prep time: 15 Mcook time: 15 Mtotal time: 30 M


  • Raw papaya (grated) 2 cup
  • Curry leaves 1 sprig
  • Mustard seed 1 tsp
  • Whole red chili 1 no.
  • Green chili (chopped) 1-2 no.
  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
  • Peanuts 1-2 tbsp
  • Salt as needed
  • Oil 1/2 tsp


How to cook Satvik Stir-fried Raw Papaya (vegan & gluten free)

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. Add in red chili, mustard seeds and allow to splutter.
  3. Then add curry leaves, peanuts and chopped green chilies.
  4. Saute a bit.
  5. Next add grated papaya, turmeric powder and salt.
  6. Mix everything and allow to cook over medium heat till raw smell of papaya vanishes.
  7. Turn off heat and serve as it is or as a side dish with phulka / simple dal-rice combo !


Red chili powder can be added too.

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  1. Poonam Bachhav

    Raw papsya stir fry sounds interesting and looks very inviting Sasmita ! I make similar preparation with cabbage but not yet tried my hands with raw papaya.

  2. Swati

    We make Raw papaya subzi with or without tomato puree.. your version looks so good and simple to make.. I love the addition of crunchy peanuts to it.. good with rotis and pooris too na!!

  3. Vanitha

    A wonderful dish dear to enjoy with any meal!! Love the addition of peanuts; a lovely texture in every bite 🙂 Will try when I come across raw papayas.

  4. Lata Lala

    The satvik version of raw papya sounds very interesting. It's a lovely accompaniment to any main dish. I love Thai style papaya salad, som tam. Planning to make your way soon.

  5. Rafeeda AR

    We usually chop our raw papaya and make upperi with it, like we call it… totally love it with rice and curry… Your grated version looks so lipsmacking, I am sure this was totally delicious…

  6. Malini

    Yummy stir fry out of Raw Papaya. I haven't tried raw papaya yet. This recipe could be perfect for me. More than curries, I like the combination of roti and stir fries. Thanks for the share.

  7. Motions and Emotions
    Motions and Emotions

    Satvik raw papaya stir fry is a great dish during fast… Simple ingredients are required for this dish and it is best served with roti

  8. Indfused

    What a fabulous share Sasmita! I always eat the raw papaya Thai salad but this is new to me. I will try it for sure!

  9. Geetha

    Stir-fry with raw papaya sounds interesting and enticing, I've never tried raw papaya in cooking. I would love to try this recipe sometime.

  10. Ruchi's Veg Kitchen
    Ruchi's Veg Kitchen

    Simply love it. I love this stir frY with hot plain roti . When I can't decide what vegetable to make , this is an obvious option. Delicious and so easy. Nicely written post

  11. Hayley

    We Gujju call it Papaya No Sambharo, goes so well with fafda and Jalebi. Such a delicious and easy stir fry.

  12. Sandhya Ramakrishnan
    Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    I have never cooked with raw papaya before. This recipe sounds so simple and looks absolutely delicious! I have to give this a try. What a wonderful recipe!

  13. jayashree

    The papaya stir fry looks yummy, I love the taste of raw papaya, so can imagine the flavours of it Sasmita.

  14. Narmadha

    Such a simple and flavorful dish. Love that you have grated the papaya. Looks so delicious

  15. Anshu

    I have always loved raw papaya in the form of Thai salad. This Indian cooked version looks very healthy and interesting. Would soon love to give it a try

  16. Jayasri

    Papaya stir fry is awesome, looks so inviting perfect with Roti and Rasam, one of my favourite dishes

  17. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen
    Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

    wow, never knew we can make dry curry with papaya!!! i always make kootu with it! such a quick recipe yaar!! will try this next time!

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