Mango Custard (EGG FREE) with VIDEO details

a creamy, delicious summer cold dessert using custard powder and flavored with mango

What is Custard ?

Custard is a type of pudding typically made of egg (with or without), sugar and milk. Custard can be prepared in baking method or in gas stove by stirring. Egg acts as the thickening agent where as in egg-free version, custard powder (cornflour with some flavoring and color) plays that role. The consistency is also variable as desired like pouring to thick or firm. A lot of things one can add to the simple custard and accordingly the name varies as Fruit Custard, Chocolate Custard, Caramel Custard, Lemon Creme Brulee etc.

Mango Custard :

In the scorching summer, mangoes are loved by majority of people. Particularly all need some cool and refreshing dishes to beat the heat and enjoy through out using mangoes like 

Mango custard is a cold dessert which comes to rescue the above cravings. Here the custard is flavored with mango, hence the name is Mango Custard. It is so light and creamy in texture.

Dietary note :

    ✔  Vegetarian custard

    ✔  Summer cold sweet dish

    ✔  Gluten free

    ✔  Make-ahead dessert

      Ingredients for making the mango custard :

      1. Milk– I have used regular milk. One can take full-fat milk.
      2. Mango puree – Simply peel the ripe mango, chop roughly and then blend into a smooth puree type without adding any water. Always pick more sweet and fleshy mango to make mango puree.
      3. Sugar – Adjust the amount of sugar depending upon the sweetness of the mango puree and mango chunks which is added at the end. 
      4. Mango custard powder – I always prepare using the regular vanilla flavor custard powder, but while shopping my monthly grocery in super market few days before, I came across the mango custard powder. So I have used this one to make the mango custard here.
      5. Mango chunks & Dry fruits – These are used for garnishing the mango custard, but optional.

        Preparation method of this cold mango dessert :

        First in a broad pan the milk is allowed to boil over low-medium heat. Meanwhile in a small bowl custard powder is mixed with 2-3 tbsp of milk without any lumps and kept aside. When the milk starts to boil, it is simmered and then sugar is added and allowed to melt. After that the custard mixture is poured onto the pan and using a spatula / hand whisk everything is mixed quickly to avoid any lumps formation. Soon it will start to thicken, so one has to keep mixing using a spatula / hand whisk. 

        After some time, the whole liquid mixture starts to nicely coat the spatula. It means the custard is nicely cooked by now. Next the mango puree is mixed with the custard evenly. Immediately then the heat is turned off, else the whole mixture will start to split. The mango custard is allowed to cool a bit and poured into desired serving bowls. The custard bowl is kept in refrigerator to chill. While serving, the mango custard is topped with few mango cubes and some chopped nuts. These are optional, but I always add.

        Serving suggestion :

        This is a sure shot hit and will be enjoyed by all age group in mango season. In summer party menu or any special celebration, this mouth-watering dessert is a good choice to impress the guests, family members. The mango custard tastes great when served chilled. So it is recommended to keep in refrigerator until serving. This is a perfect Make-Ahead type dessert which can be prepared before hand and can be enjoyed for 3-4 days by keeping in refrigerator. The whole making procedure is simple and easy one, but the end result is creamy and delicious. So do try this yummilicious mango custard without any egg !


          Video procedure of this “Mango Custard” :

            : Recipe Card :

            Egg-free Mango Custard


            Egg-free Mango Custard

            Author: sasmita

            Prep time: 10 MCook time: 20 MTotal time: 30 M

            a creamy, delicious summer cold dessert using custard powder and flavored with mango.


            • Milk 2 cup
            • Mango puree 1/2 cup
            • Sugar 2-3 tbsp
            • Mango custard powder 1.5 tbsp
            • Mango chunks for garnishing
            • Dry fruits (finely chopped) for garnishing


            1. In a broad pan, pour milk and allow to boil.
            2. Meanwhile in a small bowl take custard powder, 2-3 tbsp of milk and mix well without any lumps. Keep aside.
            3. When the milk starts to boil, simmer it.
            4. Then add sugar, stir and allow the sugar to melt.
            5. Add the custard mixture and using a spatula / hand whisk mix everything quickly to avoid any lumps formation.
            6. Soon it will start to thicken, keep mixing using a spatula / hand whisk.
            7. Keep stirring and after some time, the whole liquid mixture starts to nicely coat the spatula. It means the custard is nicely cooked by now.
            8. Add the mango puree, mix evenly.
            9. Turn off heat after that (else the whole mixture will start to split) and allow to cool a bit.
            10. Pour into desired bowl and keep in refrigerator to chill.
            11. At the time of serving, put some mango cubes and sprinkle some chopped nuts on top of the chilled mango custard. Serve !


            Mango custard powder if available at your place then use to make this mango custard, else use regular vanilla custard powder.
            After adding mango puree, do not cook for longer. Otherwise the custard mixture will start to split.
            Without any topping this custard can be served too.
            To make mango puree, simply peel the mango and chop roughly and then blend into a smooth puree type without adding any water.
            Adjust the amount of sugar depending upon the sweetness of the mango pulp.


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