Kiwi Pistachio Lassi | Kiwi Pistachio Yogurt Smoothie

Lassi – a cooling yogurt drink which is the most popular beverage in India during summer. Basically Lassi is a creamy, frothy yogurt-based drink, mixed well with a varieties of fruits and seasonings. This beverage has its root from the state of Punjab in Indian subcontinent. Lassi comes in two distinct varieties as sweet and salty. The sweet version is often simply flavored with sugar, which balances the natural sourness of the yogurt. And the salty version is mixed with salt, spices typically cumin powder. The consistency of this drink is somewhere in between milk and milkshake. Traditionally, lassi is served in a handle-less clay cup named as Kulhar. The Lassi aids good digestion and is a healthy addition to any balanced diet. It is 100 percent natural and free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. Also this can be enjoyed with or after meals.

Since summer is going on, so Lassi is a must to be prepared beverage at my place during these days. Well this time, I have used a sour fruit Kiwi to make a slightly sweet lassi, Kiwi Pistachio Lassi. Also some pistachios are added to this drink. The process is so simple and easy to prepare. Within few times, the cold exotic beverage will be ready to refresh our soul on these hot summer days. Just chop the fruit and blend along with other ingredients (except curd) to make a smooth puree. Then mix with curd using a whisk. Also depending upon the individual sweetness desired, adjust the honey or sugar amount. So do try this Kiwi Pistachio Lassi and give your valuable feedback either in the comment box below or tag me as #firsttimercook on Instagram. Lets go in details method of preparation of this refreshing drink.

Preparation Time : 5 mins  |  Cooking Time : 0 mins 

Ingredients :        




3 no


2 cup


2 tbsp


8-10 no

Ice cube


Method :

  1. First peel the kiwi and then roughly chop those.
  2. In a bender jar take honey, chopped pistachio and roughly chopped kiwi.
  3. Blend to make a smooth puree.
  4. Next in a mixing jar / bowl take the puree along with yogurt and whisk everything until well mixed up.
  5. Add the ice cubes and mix again.
  6. Pour into serving glass, sprinkle some finely chopped pistachio and serve immediately !

Notes :

  • Adjust sweetness as per desire.
  • Instead of blending the ice cubes, these cubes can be served as it is while serving the lassi.

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  1. Sujata Roy

    Kiwi pistachio smoothie sounds great. Loved it's soothing green colour. I would love to have a glass of this healthy and yummy smoothie right now. Superb share.

  2. Mayuri Patel

    I've not tried kiwi with yogurt. This lassi looks so refreshing and love the colour.

  3. Shobha

    Never tried kiwi lassi.. I actually find the fruit tangy. ..maybe blended with curd it might be tasty.

  4. Unknown

    Loved the combination of flavours in the creamy lassi, perfect to beat the heat in a healthy way.

  5. Priya Suresh

    Have tried lassi with kiwi but the addition of pistachios is simply awesome. Delightful drink there. Very refreshing.

  6. Rafeeda AR

    Kiwi lassi is something that I haven't tried, love the addition of pistachios, would have given a lovely nutty crunch…

  7. Archana

    I am quite jealous of you girls who like lassi. You have so many flavors like this kiwi pista one you have here.

  8. JollyHomemadeRecipes

    Lovely colour of the smoothie..slurping actually, yummm😋

  9. Unknown

    Kiwi and…lovely and interesting combination. Drink looks delicious

  10. Freda

    Such a pretty green color, I'm sure it tasted amazing 🙂

  11. Poonam Bachhav

    I have used kiwi in raita but Yet to try it in a the soothing green color of this smoothie. Looks refreshing too !

  12. Vidya Narayan

    Great combination of Kiwis and pista, lends a lovely green colour to the drink. Such drinks are life savers in this scorching heat.

  13. Nivedita Thadani

    I am always scared of combining foods! Many a time, I stop myself by trying new recipe as I am not sure about the combination and it's effect. But never heard about kiwi and yogurt combination .must be a different taste.

  14. Hayley

    I always use yogurt with kiwi as milk won't taste good and curdle same time. Addition of pistchio making this lassi extra special.

  15. Avin

    I have never tried this combo. Will have to try! The colors look beautiful.

  16. Lathiya

    The lassi sounds interesting… kiwi and postachpis are awesome combo and loved the's so inviting

  17. Uma Srinivas

    Love the color and texture of the smoothie. I drink smoothie In weekdays. I definitely try your version of kiwi smoothie:)

  18. Maria Nasir

    Love the gorgeous colour and refreshing flavour of this lassi! Adding pistachios is a superb idea!

  19. Dr Martin Huang

    This combination looks great. Can't wait to try a new combination.

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