Chuda (Poha) Dahi Parfait | Flattened Rice Yogurt Parfait


the humble desi food, dahi chuda in an exotic look

Poha !

Poha is a wholesome meal. Chuda / Poha is the flattened rice flakes that are made after parboiling the paddy grains of the fresh crop and then pounding them to make flakes. The flakes are then dried before packaging. It is a good source of carbohydrates, packed with iron, rich in fiber, a good source of antioxidants and essential vitamins, and is gluten-free. In Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh, this gluten-free dish is consumed as a filling breakfast. Poha (flattened rice) is called Chuda (in Odisha), Chura (in Bihar), Chivda (in other parts of North India), etc. As this flattened rice is rich in fiber content, so it smoothens the digestion process and also keeps the gut healthy.

Those on a diet can still enjoy a delicious breakfast without losing out on the benefits. For its high nutrient value, poha is recommended as one of the healthiest Indian breakfasts. The fact that poha can also be cooked in different ways means that it can be both tasty and healthy. Poha can be eaten as a snack too but it essentially is a good breakfast option despite oats, quinoa, and other whole grains flooding the Indian market and being promoted as ‘healthy and nutritious’ 😉

What is Chuda Dahi ?

Chuda Dahi or Chura Dahi or Fattened Rice Yogurt Mixture is prepared simply by mixing chuda with some yogurt and sweetened with sugar/jaggery. Yes, this recipe is prepared instantly and one can make it either sweet or savory (add some tempering). Some also love to make it richer by adding nuts, varieties of fruits so that it becomes a popular choice in a little more versatile way every day. 

The chuda is filling but at the same time easy to digest. When consumed with yogurt / dahi / curd as the first meal of the day, it not only keeps a person full for longer but also makes it easier for the digestive tract to process it, and it also gives to an instant spurt of energy. For those who want high energy but low calories in their breakfast, this health option will definitely fit the bill. 

The chuda comes in various qualities, made from either red rice or aromatic rice, or any other local variety of rice. But for making chuda dahi, a slightly thicker variety of chuda is preferred as it retains its bite after getting mixed with yogurt. 

What is Chuda Dahi?

Well, here I have given a twist to the humble chuda dahi and hence the dish name is Chuda Dahi Parfait. Basically, the chuda dahi mixture and some assorted fruits are layered alternatively in a tall glass. In addition to that, I have sprinkled some mixed seeds on top for that crunch.

This is completely a no-cook recipe.

Dietary note :

    ✔ Vegetarian

    ✔ Healthy dish

    ✔ Easy to make

    ✔ Glutenfree

    ✔ Make while in a hurry

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      Now let’s go through how to make this “Chuda Dahi Parfait” at home 👇

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        chuda (poha) , flattened rice flakes, jaggery, yogurt, breakfast, easy to make,

        Vegetarian, dessert, healthy dish, Parfait, gluten-free


        Author: Sasmita

        Chuda (Poha) Dahi Parfait | Flattened Rice Yogurt Parfait

        Chuda (Poha) Dahi Parfait | Flattened Rice Yogurt Parfait

        the humble desi food, dahi chuda in an exotic look

        Prep time: 10 MinTotal time: 10 Min


        • Poha (thick) 1/2 cup
        • Yogurt (dahi) 1/2 cup
        • Jaggery (grated) as per taste
        • Milk powder (optional) 2 tsp
        • Coconut (grated) 1 tbsp
        • Assorted fruit (roughly chopped) as needed
        • Salt as needed
        • Water as needed


        1. Wash and soak the chuda (poha) in a bowl with enough water for 2 minutes.
        2. Then drain all the water and keep the soaked chuda in the bowl.
        3. Add grated jaggery, milk powder, grated coconut, and mix everything well.
        4. Next, add the yogurt and gently give a mix again.
        5. Now take a tall glass and layer roughly chopped fruits, chuda (poha) mixture alternatively.
        6. Sprinkle some mixed seeds on top and serve immediately!


        The soaking time of chuda (poha) depends upon its thickness. 

        The thick poha is best suitable for this dahi chuda recipe, if you prefer to use the nylon ones, then it will get soggy soon after soaking.

        Choose fruits as per choice. I have used grapes, orange, banana, raspberries here.

        Along with mixed seeds, some chopped nuts can be added.

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        1. Kalyani

          the humble poha masterchef style.. great presentation as always, Sasmita…

        2. Priya Iyer

          What an interesting way to use poha! I can imagine how beautiful this would taste, with the coconut, jaggery, curd and fruits going in. Definitely trying this out.

        3. preethi'scuisine

          Fabulous makeover of the humble Dahi chura. So nutritious and delicious breakfast or snack. Can be eaten guilt free. Beautifully presented Sasmita.

        4. Sujata Roy

          Beautiful presentation Sasmita. You made humble dahi chura gorgeous. I also love dahi chura with jaggery. But now I will try with nuts and fruits. Loved your click.

        5. Swati

          Beautifully presented Chua dahi.. What a eye catching presentation of our desi breakfast parfait… healthy and filling treat for summers

        6. NARMADHA

          You made the humble poha look so exotic. so tempting and excellent presentation as usual. So healthy and nutritious too.

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          A great article with a good and amazing ideas. I enjoyed reading it very much.

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