Chhena Poda | Baked Cottage Cheesecake

Chhena Poda is an extremely popular smoky flavored sweet delicacy from the state of Odisha in Indian subcontinent. The odia word ‘poda’ means burnt and ‘chhena‘ means cottage cheese, so Chhena Poda literally indicates a burnt cheesecake. And this is believed that this sweet dish is one of the most favorite dessert of Lord Jagannath in Puri, Odisha.

The history of this chhena poda tells that this smoky and sweet delicacy was originated in Nayagarh district of Odisha during the first half of the twentieth century by Sudarshana Sahoo. One-day instead of throwing out the left over chhena or cottage cheese while closing his shop, he decided to mix some sugar and nuts to those left overs and then placed inside the oven overnight (the oven was already tuned off and he didn’t put on, but was still warm). And on the nextday, surprisingly he found an amazingly delicious sweet dish and named that as Chhena Poda. Now-a-days, this dish is becoming a bit popular and anybody can get chance to taste this sweet dessert in all over Odisha, particularly much in coastal areas.

This is prepared by baking a mixture of some well kneaded homemade fresh chhena (cottage cheese), sugar, dry fruits (cashews & raisins) and sooji until brown in color. After baking, the result is a soft cheese cake with caramelization all around. Fresh and soft chhena is the key factor of this sweet cake. This has basically a distinct strong flavor from caramelization of sugar. The whole process is so easy and simple and also a must try dish for sweet craving persons. This popular dessert will surely make a center piece of attraction in parties.

So do try this delicious Chhena Poda. If you tried my recipe and enjoyed fully, then please share some pictures of your creation with me. Also give your valuable feedback either in the comment box below or tag me as #firsttimercook on Instagram. You may also follow me on FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+Instagram and can subscribe for free to get new recipes directly into your inbox 😊

Preparation Time : 10 mins  |  Cooking Time : 50 mins

Ingredients :        



Chhena (cottage cheese)

500 gm

Sooji (semolina)

2 tbsp


½ cup

Sugar (granulated)

¾ cup

Cardamom powder

1 tsp

Cashew (chopped)

2 tbsp


2 tbsp


5-6 tbsp

Method :

  1. In a pan, fry chopped cashews and few raisins. Keep aside.
  2. For caramelized effect on top of chhena poda, apply ghee (2 tbsp) all over a baking mold and then sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar.
  3. Put the baking mold into the oven for 5 mins at 210 deg. Remove from oven and keep aside too.
  4. Preheat the oven at 180 deg C.
  5. Take chhena in a mixing bowl and mash it gently by hand. 
  6. Then add sugar(1/2 cup), cardamom powder and mix properly.
  7. Next add sooji, ghee (4 tbsp), milk, fried chopped cashews & raisins and mix well till everything incorporates well.
  8. Transfer the chhena mixture into the mold evenly. Tap the mold a bit and bake at 180 deg for 40-45 mins / till a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  9. Take out the mold, cool it for 1-2 hours and then turn it upside down to get the deliciously soft chhena poda.
  10. Cut into slices and serve warm / cold as desire !

Notes :

  • Do not change the quantity of sugar for caramelization.
  • Chhena poda can stay fresh refrigerated for up to 1-2 days.

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  1. Priya Iyer

    I've never had a chance to try Chhena Poda, but it surely sounds absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for this detailed recipe. I'll try making this beauty at home. 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      this tastes like heaven.

  2. Poonam Bachhav

    The chhena poda looks absolutely delish Sasmita.. bookmarking the recipe ..will give it a try soon


    What a dessert!You Odians are awesome in your desserts!Bookmarking this recipe!Will give it a try soon!

  4. Sujata Roy

    Chhena poda looks so perfect and yummy Sasmita. Awesome share. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Meghna

    OMG! This is seriously amazing. Look at the texture, total droolsome recipe, thanks a Bunch for this one, will try it out ASAP 🙂 – Meghna.

  6. Pavani

    Oh man, that looks soooo juicy, rich and decadent. I made chenna poda couple of years ago but it was a disaster. You are tempting me to give it another try now.

  7. Unknown

    This is indeed a treat Sasmita! Your recipe, photos and the history of the Chhena Poda all fabulous!

  8. Shobha

    Wow.. delicious and spongy. It is made so well and I want a slice of it right now.

  9. Cookingisfunn

    Love it sasmita. I never tried this. Would love to try the recipe very soon   Thanks for lovely share

  10. Mayuri Patel

    Amazing chenna poda Sasmita. I'd tried baking one when we had the Odia theme and though the taste was awesome the overall appearance was bad. Reading through you recipe I think I know where the mistakes were. You mentioned to mash the chenna lightly with the hands so that means its not smooth, right like the way we would make it for rasgulla?

    1. Sasmita

      Yes di, I always prefer the texture of rasgulla as a very smooth type and of chhenapoda as a bit not very smooth (little crumbleness must be there)

  11. Archana

    I love this as I have eaten chhena poda when my uncle was stationed in Odisha long ago. I am bookmarking this recipe to be tried will be pestering you for more details.

  12. Priya Suresh

    I had an immense pleasure to bake this chhena poda for a challenge and loved it thoroughly. How catchy and pretty this baked cheesecake looks. Yummy slice there.

  13. JollyHomemadeRecipes

    The chhena poda looks absolutely delish.. lovely write up, good to know about it…bookmarking the recipe, will try out soon.

  14. Anonymous

    Have you used store bought cottage cheese ? If yes, can you specify the brand, if not can you explain the process of making it.

    1. Sasmita

      No, i always prefer to prepare at home. Here is the recipe link you may follow 👇

  15. Unknown

    What a lovely share …and a perfect texture I must say.

  16. Maria Nasir

    The cake must taste divine with a creamy texture and caramelized top! I love the short list of ingredients and easy to bake process. It's going very high on my to-do-list!

  17. Anonymous

    Wow , lovely looking Chhenna poda. Though never tried or tasted , me sure it tastes amazing. Superb recipe

  18. jayashree

    This chhenna poda looks so delicious. Bookmarking this recipe to try sometime.

  19. Freda

    It looks divine, so moist and delicious! Can almost taste this, yumm!

  20. cookingwithsapana

    Chenna cake sounds like a treat for a get together or party. I am so bookmarking it to try later.

  21. preethi'scuisine

    I love Chhena Poda!! Absolutely scrumptious. I had tasted it sometime back. Fab share sasmita.

  22. Unknown

    What a great delicious cake.. super amazing

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    Such a tempting and delicious looking cake, have never tried and it is on my to do list.

  24. Unknown

    Looks unbelievably delicious! Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I mean it!!  

  25. Pravin

    Somewhat of a bummer. Great recipe which I wanted to emulate, but cannot BECAUSE YOU SAY 180 deg.

    I was born in Cuttack and know this one very well, from Cuttack Sweet Stall near Ravenshaw College.

    1. Sasmita

      Thank you for stopping by. That is 180 degrees celsius. I somehow missed that, now edited. Thank you so very much !

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