a popular Indian summer cold dessert which is a layer of milk, rose syrup, sabja seeds, falooda sev, toppings and ice-cream

Summer heat these days are almost started after stopping of the sudden rain in this spring time. Hot season means we always demand some cold kind of dishes which give refreshing and cool vibes to our mind. In addition to this Holi, the color of joy is also approaching. So here is a sweet, cold and deliciously yum dessert ‘Rose Falooda‘.

What is Falooda ?

    Falooda is a dessert which has its root from Iran (falooda is named as faloodeh there). Traditionally this is a layered dessert by using roohafza (rose syrup), falooda sev, sweet basil seeds (sabja seeds), chilled milk, ice cream and few toppings.Falooda sev, the vermicelli used here (authentic ones) is made from arrowroot / cornflour. And this dessert is always served in tall glasses so that the layering can easily visible and looks so so eye-catchy.

    Variation to the traditional Falooda :

      These days there are numerous variations to the basic falooda recipes. 

      • If the falooda sev prepared with corn flour is not available then the sevayian of wheat flour, sago etc can be opted. I have not used the falooda sev and instead of that I have used regular vermicelli or sevayian of wheat flour.
      • The flavors are being changed by using mango, strawberry, rabdi, chocolate etc in place of rose. 
      • To make this Vegan dessert, you may use plant based milks like almond milk and vegan ice cream as well.

        Pre-preparation for falooda :

          First the basil seeds are soaked in water to swell well. Then drain to discard excess water. The falooda sev / regular sevayian are cooked well in enough water. Then drain and put in a bowl of regular cold water to stop further cooking. Then again drain and keep aside to used in falooda. I have used regular sevayian. The milk (prefer to use full fat milk) is boiled and cooked till half generally. After that the milk is either simply allowed to cool completely or some flavorings are added and then allowed to cool. But here I have cooked the milk till the rabdi consistency is achieved, then cool that rabdi and keep aside to use in falooda. Ice-cream is as desired. Regular one is vanilla flavor or rose flavor ice-cream. But any other like mango, pistachio, strawberry etc can be used as per the falooda variation. For the toppings, one can choose chopped cherries, tutti frutti, chopped dry fruits, choco chips, sugar sprinklers etc.

          Assembling the falooda :

            The falooda is always served in tall glasses. So first I have put the rose syrup in the base of the glass. Then I have put soaked sabja seeds, followed by cooked vermicelli, rabdi, soaked sabja seeds (optional), rose ice-cream and finally the toppings (chopped dry fruits, choco-chips, sugar sprinklers). Also after that I have drizzled little more rose syrup on top and served the falooda immediately.

            Summer time and a glass full of this kind of deliciously cold dessert is a perfect combo. And for Holi celebration this is one of the best option to choose. Just prepare everything before hand, at the time of serving simply layer in serving glass and serve. This is super easy to make and assemble as well. Among all other summer drinks, this cold dessert has its own mark in most people to beat the heat. It is enjoyed by any age group means starting from kids too elder ones all thoroughly enjoy this. So do try this much popular Indian cold dessert surely !

            The event related to this post :

            Well this time our fortnight foodie group named as Healthy Wellthy Cuisines is decided to select 82th theme : ‘Color Mania‘ and is suggested by Poonam. She is such a sweet blogger friend of mine, I mostly like her authentic Maharashtrian dishes with step by step clicks, do check her space. Well for the theme contribution, she suggested to make some colorful dishes as the celebration of color, HOLI is coming soon. So this Rose Falooda is for the theme contribution. Here are some similar recipes shared by our Healthy Wealthy Group members as Horiatiki Salad by Archana di, Beetroot Halwa by Poonam, 

            Strawberry Crush by Swaty.

            : Recipe Card :

            Rose Falooda

            Rose Falooda


            prep time: 30 Mcook time: 10 Mtotal time: 40 M

            a popular Indian summer cold dessert which is a layer of milk, rose syrup, sabja seeds, falooda sev, toppings and ice-cream


            • Roohafza (rose syrup) 1/2 cup
            • Sabja / basil seed 2 tbsp
            • Rose / vanilla icecream 4 scoop or more
            • Dryfruits (finely chopped) 2 tbsp
            • Sugar sprinkler 1 tsp
            • Chocochips 1 tbsp
            • Tutti frutti 1 tsp
            • Rabdi 1/2 cup
            • Vermicelli (regular / falooda sev) 1 cup
            • Water as needed


            How to cook Rose Falooda

            1. In a medium bowl soak sabja seeds with water for 10-15 minutes.
            2. Then drain the water through a strainer and keep aside all the sabja seeds.
            3. Next in a saucepan heat water and add the vermicelli to cook well.
            4. Drain through a strainer and then put all the cooked vermicelli in another bowl having either regular water or cold water for 1-2 minutes.
            5. Then drain and keep aside all the vermicelli / sevayian.
            6. Now take a serving glass (recommend to choose tall glass).
            7. Put 2 tbsp (vary as per choice) roohafza (rose syrup) first in the glass.
            8. Then put 2 tbsp soaked sabja seeds, followed by 3-4 tbsp cooked vermicelli / sevayian, 1/4 cup rabdi, 1 tbsp soaked sabja seeds (optional), 2 scoop of rose / vanilla ice-cream and finally the toppings (chopped dry fruits, choco chips, sugar sprinklers, tutti frutti etc).
            9. Drizzle little more rose syrup on top and serve the falooda immediately !


            Toppings are variable, so choose as desired.
            I have used rabdi here. Some chilled milk can be used instead of this.
            Jelly can be added also. I have skipped that addition.

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            1. Poonam Bachhav

              Falooda looks so delectable and inviting ! Perfect summer time treat !

            2. Swati

              Love falooda in any flavor.. This look so inviting with colored sprinkles!! a perfect recipe to bookmark for the coming festival and summers!!

            3. Archana

              Looms absolutely stunning and definitely will love it in this season. Perfectly cooling n great for after holi party

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