Green Peas Paniyaram | Matar Ke Appe (INSTANT)


a healthy breakfast or snack idea using green peas in a specially designed pan known as Appe Pan or Paniyaram Pan

Paniyaram !!!

South Indian cuisine has an array of lip-smacking snack time treats ranging from idli, vada, and dosa to bonda, murukku, ragi mudde, Mangalore buns, and pappadums, to name a few. Paniyaram is one of the most loved South Indian snacks that can be seen across the various southern states. Paniyaram is also known as paddu or ponganalu or appe. Said to be an original Chettinad specialty, it is now popular not just in Tamil Nadu but in other states too.

Paniyaram is made using black gram and rice, which are soaked overnight and then blended into a smooth batter. Few hours of fermentation makes the batter fluffier, resulting in pillowy-soft balls. These small balls are made in a specially designed pan known as Appe Pan or Paniyaram Pan, which contains multiple round molds. The batter, which resembles that of idli or vada, is filled in the molds, which then slowly puffs in the heated pan as the cook drizzles some oil to make the edges crisp and golden.

These can either be sweet (using jaggery) or savory (including many spices, chilies, herbs, etc). Also in current days, there are a lot of variations which people are making. Simply just adding a different kind of ingredients, there are just amazing tasted soft paniyarams. Some people are also choosing the INSTANT version to make paniyaram to just avoid the fermentation time period.

Today here I have come up with an Instant paniyaram recipe using some freshly available green peas asInstant Green Peas Paniyaram / Matar Ke Appe.

Ingredients for these –

  1. Green Pea – I have used fresh green peas which are easily available these days. Frozen green peas can work too. Just thaw for few time and then use. I have made a paste out of it, one can roughly chop these and use them.
  2. Semolina (sooji) – Any variety can work here.
  3. Yogurt (curd) – Slightly sour version of curd gives a nice taste to the paniyaram.
  4. Green chili – For the spiciness, add this as desired.
  5. Ginger – Give a nice flavor to the appes.
  6. Urad dal, Mustard seed, Curry leaf – Used for the tempering.
  7. Eno fruit salt – This adds a fluffy texture to these small balls. Instead of eno, baking soda can be added. In that case, use 1/4 tsp of baking soda.
  8. Water – as desired
  9. Oil – Used for tempering and greasing the cavities in the pan.
  10. Salt – as needed

Preparation steps in details –

A fine paste is prepared using green peas, chopped ginger, and green chilies by adding very little amount of water. Next, this paste is mixed with semolina, curd, salt, and everything is mixed very well. The bowl is covered and kept aside for 10-15 minutes.

The next step is to add the tempering to the above mixture. For that, in a pan oil is heated. Then urad dal, mustard seeds are added and allowed to splutter along with curry leaves. This tempering is then mixed with the semolina mixture.

The appe pan is heated with greased cavities. Just before pouring the mixture into the cavities, Eno salt is added along with 1 tsp of water to the mixture. After giving a gentle mix, each cavity is filled up to 3/4rth as these will puff and rise a bit.

The pan is covered and allowed to cook for 2-3 minutes over low heat. When these seem to lightly golden from the sides, then simply each one is flipped using a spoon and allowed to cook the other side for 1 minute more. Now it is ready to serve!

Dietary note :

    ✔ Vegetarian


    ✔ Healthy snack/breakfast idea

    ✔ Easy to make

    ✔ Perfect for wintertime

    Serving suggestion –

    Those of who are in a hurry but also don’t want to compromise on serving your family with healthy and delicious food, I can assure you these green peas paniyaram recipe is that type. These taste really good and the bonus is that this is very quick to make, which means there is no fermentation required. just soak it for 15-20 mins and you are set. The best part of these Instant matar ke appe is that even after these are cooled down these remain soft and thus a perfect dish for lunch boxes or tiffin boxes.

    To make these much more healthy and with different colors, any other vegetables can be added in finely chopped form.

    Team these with any desired chutney like coriander chutney, coconut chutney, carrot chutney, etc or ketchup, or even with some idli podi, you are sure to be more than satisfied!

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        : Recipe Card :

        Semolina, paniyaram, curd, green peas, healthy snack, easy and quick, no fermentation

        Snack, Vegetarian, Instant, low oil recipe

        South Indian

        Author: Sasmita

        Green Peas Paniyaram | Matar Ke Appe (INSTANT)

        Green Peas Paniyaram | Matar Ke Appe (INSTANT)

        a healthy breakfast idea using green peas in a specially designed pan known as Appe Pan or Paniyaram Pan

        Prep time: 20 MinCook time: 10 MinTotal time: 30 Min


        • Green Pea 1/2 cup
        • Semolina (sooji) 1/2 cup
        • Yogurt (curd) 1/2 cup
        • Ginger 1/2 inch
        • Green chili 2 no.
        • Urad dal 1 tsp
        • Mustard seed 1/2 tsp
        • Curry leaf 1 sprig
        • Eno fruit salt 1/2 tsp
        • Water as needed
        • Oil 1 tsp
        • Salt as needed


        1. First in a blender jar take green peas, chopped ginger, and green chilies.
        2. Make a fine paste by adding very little amount of water.
        3. Transfer this mixture into a mixing bowl.
        4. Now add semolina, curd and mix very well.
        5. Cover the bowl and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.
        6. After 15 minutes, the semolina must be soaked well.
        7. Add salt and give a mix.
        8. Now heat oil in a tadka pan.
        9. Add urad dal, mustard seeds and allow to splutter.
        10. Add curry leaves and turn off the heat.
        11. Pour this tempering over the semolina mixture.
        12. Mix everything well and keep aside.
        13. Heat the appe pan or paniyaram pan with few drops of oil in each cavity.
        14. By the time, add Eno fruit salt along with 1 tsp of water to the mixture.
        15. Gently give a nice mix.
        16. When the pan is hot enough, fill each cavity to 3/4rth as these will puff and rise a bit.
        17. Lower the heat, cover, and cook for 2-3 minutes.
        18. When these seem to lightly golden from the sides, then using a spoon flip each one and allow to cook the other side.
        19. Turn off heat and transfer all these appe to the serving platter.
        20. Serve these healthy green peas appe along with any desired chutney like coriander chutney, coconut chutney, carrot chutney etc!


        Instead of eno, baking soda can be added. In that case, use 1/4 tsp of baking soda.

        After adding eno, do not keep the batter for a long time. Immediately make appes.

        Adjust the spiciness as desired. 

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        1. Priya Vj

          Instant snacks are such saviors for the choti choti bhook. Matar appe looks droolicious and apt for the winter season when the market is loaded with fresh peas. Love the way the paniyarams have retained the green color from the pea paste

        2. Sujata Roy

          I love instant appe with semolina. Your green peas appe looks superbly delicious. Loved the light green colour because of ground green peas. I can imagine the mouthwatering taste.

        3. preethi'scuisine

          Green Pea Paniyarams look so cute and delish. Instant recipes are such a boon for people like me. Appe with fresh peas are so apt for evening snacks with tea or works great for snack box too.Lovely Sasmita.

        4. Priya Iyer

          Love the idea of using green peas in paniyaram! It's a great way to make use of green peas in the winter season. Will definitely be trying this out.

        5. Poonam Bachhav

          Love the vibrant green colored appears ng fresh green peas. Can image how flavorful the appes must have been.

        6. Vasusvegkitchen

          Like always loved your presentation, green peas looks very inviting. These semolina green peas appe are perfect evening snack or as breakfast.

        7. Swati

          This is perfect recipe to feed my little one peas in a different way.. sneaked in appe!! he is not very fond of green peas but loves appe, and the recipe is perfect for me as you have used peas paste here .loved your quick and instant recipe.. will make it soon.

        8. Narmadha

          Green peas paniyaram looks so delicious and inviting. Loved the idea of using peas paste in normal batter. Healthy and nutritious recipe too.

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